Sr. Developer

I excelled in .NET web app development and tech integration at Esurance, optimizing performance with SPLUNK, Akamai, and SiteSpect. Introduced a non-relational DB for efficient log handling. Built data-driven insurance rate algorithms. Led innovative iOS app creation at HITSS.

Hitss Coding


Drive Digital Transformation.

To conquer tech with digital transformation, embrace innovation and adaptability. Leverage cutting-edge technologies, data insights, and strategic planning to optimize operations and enhance user experiences. Stay agile and forward-thinking to lead your organization toward a tech-driven future.

Enhanced Performance and Log Management

Successfully implemented advanced technologies like SPLUNK, Akamai, and SiteSpect to optimize the performance and log management of Esurance’s web applications, resulting in improved site responsiveness and user experience.

Non-relational Database Integration

Spearheaded the integration of a non-relational database for efficient storage and monitoring of application logs through SPLUNK, reducing data retrieval times and enhancing system reliability.

Data-Driven Algorithm Development

Developed custom algorithms based on client data, including age, state, city, and ticket information, to calculate precise insurance rates, contributing to more accurate pricing strategies and customer satisfaction.

Innovative iOS Application Development

Led the development of HITSS’s internal iOS applications, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as beacons, QR codes, and augmented reality to deliver enhanced performance and user engagement, even outside the confines of the Appstore.

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