HP/HPE (Hewlett Packard / Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

Sr. .NET Developer

Developing .NET web apps for the HPE internal cloud, so the users could choose any of the HP/HPE internal cloud offerings.

HPE Coding


Creating top cloud offerings from the web.

During my time at HPE, I led the development of top-tier cloud offerings, crafting innovative solutions that positioned HPE as a forefront player in the digital realm. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we delivered scalable and robust platforms, empowering businesses to thrive in the era of digital transformation. My role was instrumental in shaping HPE’s legacy of excellence in the cloud computing space.

.NET Web App Development for HPE Internal Cloud

Spearheaded the development of .NET web applications, enhancing user accessibility to a wide array of HP/HPE internal cloud offerings. This initiative significantly streamlined the user experience within the HPE internal cloud environment.

Automation Flows in Operations Orchestrations:

Automated cloud creations through the design and implementation of operational flows within the internal tool “Operations Orchestrations.” These flows were seamlessly executed via the O.O. administrator dashboard and a bespoke adhoc web application developed for optimal efficiency.

Custom Web Application for Adhoc Flow Execution

Engineered a specialized web application to facilitate adhoc execution of operational flows, providing users with a flexible and responsive interface for managing and executing cloud-related tasks. This innovative solution added a layer of convenience to the cloud management process.

End-to-End Cloud Solution Integration

Orchestrated end-to-end integration of cloud solutions, combining .NET web app development, Operations Orchestrations automation flows, and a custom adhoc web application. This comprehensive approach ensured a cohesive and user-friendly environment for navigating and utilizing HPE’s internal cloud offerings.

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