Lupa Recruiter

Full Stack Developer


Work At Lupa

From Nothing to ATS

From nothing to having an MVP

I have been a vital contributor to the success of Lupa through my role as a Full Stack Developer for the company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). My responsibilities encompassed designing the cloud architecture, leading the development of the ATS frontend, and providing leadership and guidance to the tech team, resulting in outstanding results.

My work at Lupa reflects my commitment to technical excellence, innovation, and effective team leadership. 


Created and maintained robust backend services for Lupa’s ATS, optimizing recruitment processes and enhancing efficiency.

Cloud Architecture Design

Designed a scalable and secure cloud architecture, ensuring the reliability and performance of our systems.

ATS Frontend Development (React)

Led the design and development of the ATS frontend, focusing on user-friendliness and aesthetics, enhancing the user experience.

Team Leadership

Guided and mentored the tech team, fostering a culture of excellence and consistently delivering exceptional results.

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