Sr. Developer

While at Oracle, I had the valuable opportunity to collaborate with a globally dispersed and multifaceted team, focusing on the creation of innovative software solutions.

Oracle Code


Innovative Global Collaboration

To leverage my experience of working with a globally diverse team at Oracle, and continue developing cutting-edge software while contributing to dynamic and forward-thinking projects in a challenging and collaborative environment.


Creating applications to meet the needs of internal Oracle employees, including the development of a proof-of-concept Slack bot capable of retrieving information based on user inputs within the Slack platform. My work involves utilizing a diverse set of technologies such as .NET, PHP, JAVA, NODE, and PL/SQL stored procedures to automate manual processes, with the flexibility to select the most suitable framework or programming language to align with business requirements.


I oversee the management of the Data Warehouse (DWH), crafting job processes to efficiently populate data for other systems. I have developed alarms to alert in case any job exceeds a one-hour runtime, and implemented various logging systems for tracking and monitoring.

OSvC Add-Ins

I have contributed by creating .NET Add-Ins for OSvC, enhancing the tool’s capabilities. In these projects, I utilize .NET for both the graphical user interface (GUI) and the backend. I take responsibility for designing and implementing algorithms for new requests related to .NET, collaborating with fellow developers to ensure the most effective solutions are achieved.

OCI – Oracle Cloud

Developed and maintained robust, scalable infrastructure as code using Terraform, and implemented containerized applications with Docker and orchestrated them efficiently with Kubernetes. Leveraged Python scripting for automation and optimization, contributing to OCI’s advanced cloud capabilities.

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