David Sahagun

Software Engineer

Motivated developer with solid experience managing all levels of large-scale projects, including migrations from different technologies.

An enthusiastic person willing to work and learn. Someone who has abilities to negotiate, organize and perform. Possess skills to face and handle challenging situations and overcoming them with the ability to catch new ideas and put them in action. A person who has leadership, complete dominion of different computer languages.


A Wide Variety of Skills for an Array of Projects

When it comes to technology, I’m all in, deeply involved with a variety of cutting-edge programming languages and technologies. My skill set extends to the latest developments in cloud technology, enabling me to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving tech landscape.


I specialize in crafting iOS applications using cutting-edge languages, primarily Swift, designed not only for iOS but also for iPadOS and macOS platforms.


Python stands out as one of the most widely employed programming languages in contemporary times. Many backend services and microservices are currently being created using Python, and I possess a strong proficiency in developing Python code.

.net c#

I have extensive experience working in the MacOS environment as well as Windows and .NET Core. This means that I am well-versed in developing backend services in C# and creating desktop applications. With over 9 years of working with C#, I am fully capable of crafting solutions of various sizes and complexities from the ground up using .NET Core and C#.


I have a strong background in React and frontend development. I’m well-versed in creating web applications using React, and I’m proficient in various front-end technologies to deliver modern, responsive, and user-friendly interfaces.


Software Development Expertise

With over a decade of experience in software development, I have a proven track record of designing and implementing robust, scalable solutions using a variety of programming languages and technologies, including Python, C#, Swift, and React

Cloud Technology Proficiency

I possess a strong command of cloud technologies such as AWS and Azure, enabling me to architect, deploy, and maintain cloud-based solutions that optimize performance and cost-efficiency

Application Development

I specialize in application development, with a focus on creating software solutions that are intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly. My skills encompass various platforms and technologies, making me well-equipped to build applications tailored to specific needs and requirements.

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